Company policies

Quality policy

The Policy of A.P. Webb Plant Hire Ltd is to provide services that fully satisfy the contract with our Customers. All staff are encouraged to make Quality their overriding concern through awareness which the Company will support with training.

Our objective is Customer satisfaction and all staff supports this aim through getting it right first time, every time. This objective can only be achieved by operating a comprehensive, coordinated quality system, which assures the quality of all services offered by the Company. This system is designed to meet the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and will be implemented across the whole company and cover all activities which impact upon our customers.

The Managing Director and Senior Managers of the Company are committed to ensuring that the system is effective in achieving quality and satisfying our customers. We will strive to continually improve upon our services and our quality management system. Quality objectives will be reviewed and reported upon.

These objectives include:

  • To ensure a strong customer focus throughout the business, aiming for 100% customer satisfaction.
  • To ensure that all new employees receive a comprehensive induction including the health and safety, quality and operational objectives of the company.
  • To ensure compliance with relevant regulatory standards e.g. LOLER and industry standards e.g. RISQS/OTP and FORS accreditation.
  • To ensure all plant is maintained and signed off prior to hire release.
  • To ensure a minimum of 98% reliability with Plant Hire.
  • To aim for zero on-site accidents.
  • To ensure safe operation of all plant and machinery by the use of a thorough planning process and POS representation where a POS has been requested.
  • To load and collect all plant items, meeting customers project set deadlines.
  • Continually improve the business based on Construction and Rail Industry requirements, feedback and initiative solutions to all latest standards.
  • To ensure that all training delivered meets company policy and awarding body criteria.
  • To ensure the continual improvement of training to meet Construction, Rail Industry and Company requirements.

The success of operating this Quality Policy will be to the benefit of both our customers and A.P. Webb Plant Hire Ltd.

Environmental policy

A.P. Webb Plant Hire Ltd is committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment and has implemented an Environmental Management System, working towards becoming certificated to ISO 14001:2015.

In order to meet this commitment, A.P. Webb Plant Hire Ltd will pursue the following aims below:

Our Transport fleet seeks to;

  • Maintain equipment to maximise effectiveness and minimise fuel consumption.
  • Progressively improve fuel efficiency when updating vehicles.
  • Maintain equipment to avoid environmental incidents and pollution; and
  • Maximise re-use and recycling opportunities when equipment is disposed of.

Our Transport operations seek to;

  • Operate equipment in the most effective way practical.
  • Cause no significant adverse environmental incidents or pollution.
  • Consult those affected by our operations, and
  • Conduct our activities in a considerate manner.

In maintenance and other operations on our premises and on site, we seek to;

  • Minimise consumption and waste of all fuels.
  • Reduce noise, dust and other emissions.
  • Dispose of used waste oil and other materials in a responsible way through approved contractors; and
  • Use the best practice to minimise spillage and effluent, and to avoid pollution of waterways.

We will achieve this by;

  • Working collaboratively with our customers, their clients and local communities.
  • Advising our customers on the arrangements of operations to minimise fuel usage and environmental impacts.
  • Identifying significant risks to the environment from our activities and taking practical steps to manage these risks.
  • Ensuring through training that our employees are aware of the potential environmental impacts of their actions.
  • Ensuring through training that our employees know how to operate equipment to minimise environmental impact; and
  • Seeking innovation and continuous improvement in the way we work, to achieve better environmental outcomes.

It is the responsibility of every manager and employee in the business to;

  • Perform their job so as to comply with all company, rail industry, other sectors and statutory environmental requirements.
  • Stop and advise customer’s representative if they believe their actions cause an environmental incident; and
  • Look out for opportunities to improve the Company’s environmental performance.

This policy and procedures will be periodically reviewed, as necessary. The Director with special responsibility for environmental matters is: Mr A.P. Webb.

Statement of company policy on health and safety at work

The Company Recognises the fact that Health and Safety have positive benefits to the organisation and commitment to a high level of safety makes good business sense. It also recognises that health and safety is a business function and must, therefore, continually progress and adapt to changes. The approach to health and safety will be based on the identification and control of risks.

Adequate planning, monitoring and review of the implementation of the health and safety policy will be carried out.

As there are distinct benefits to be gained from providing a safe and healthy working environment, appropriate levels of resources will be allocated to ensuring health and safety within the organisation. A positive culture will be encouraged within the organisation and this encouragement shall be actively supported by senior management.

In order to ensure that this general statement is achieved, the following will form the company aims and objectives.

  • The Company will ensure that there are arrangements put into place for the effective planning, development and review of this policy.
  • Management will ensure that appropriate systems are developed and maintained for the effective communication of health and safety matters throughout the organisation.
  • The Company will provide the necessary information, instruction and training to all employees and others, including temporary staff to ensure their competence with respect to health and safety.
  • Management considers that health and safety rates are equal to all other business functions and will attach equal importance to achieving health and safety targets.
  • The Company will devote the necessary resources in the form of finance, equipment, personnel and time to ensure health and safety.
  • The assistance of expert help will be sought where the necessary skills are not available in the company.
  • The company will monitor annual safety targets to reflect the demands of our business, support the Railway Group Safety Plan and align with Network Rail’s Policy statement.
  • The Company will liaise and work with all necessary persons to ensure Health and Safety. The Company will also ensure that adequate arrangements are also in place for ensuring the health and safety of visitors.
  • The Company believes in constantly improving health and safety standards and performance. It will to this end endeavour to ensure that all relevant statutes, Regulations and Codes of Practice are complied with. The minimum standards that will be adopted by the Company are those required by law, although the Company will seek always to exceed these where there is a demonstrable benefit.
  • The Company recognises that safety is the responsibility of everyone within the organisation and is not just a function of management. Managers will have specific duties and responsibilities to comply with the letter and spirit of company policy. Employees will have specific responsibilities to take reasonable care of themselves and others who could be affected by their activities and to cooperate with management in achieving the standard required. The Company will ensure that health and safety management is an integral part of the manager’s function and will monitor their performance along with their other duties.
  • The Company will ensure that health and safety is fully integrated into the management and decision-making processes within the organisation.
  • The Company will set up a system to ensure that accidents and ‘near-misses’ are fully investigated and appropriate action taken to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.
  • The Company will ensure that procedures are established to ensure that safety equipment and plant are provided for employees and non-employees.
  • The Company is committed to fulfilling its legal responsibilities to the carriage of dangerous goods ADR for the handling and transporting of its fuels.
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