• Active Training Area
  • Active Training Area
  • Active Training Area
  • Active Training Area
  • Active Training Area

Active Training Area

Our Live Training area is divided into four areas.

1. Rail Training Area
Features include:

  • 120m of railway track
  • On and off tracking points
  • Cant & gradient
  • Overhead and side proximity hazards
  • 100m thimbling track
  • Comprehensive variety of infrastructure components for lifting and load handling including tandem lift
  • Facilities to carry out rail mounted excavations and load / unload rail mounted vehicles

Full 60m P-Way excavation to allow repeated practice of:

  • Excavation of new ballast to depth and loading into adjacent rail mounted receptacles with limited height clearances
  • Final finish of dig and reinstatement of ballast using instrument guided dozer or “freehand” for enhanced skills
  • Sleeper laying activities using brand new G44 sleepers throughout
  • Thimbling into recently laid sleepers

2. Material Handling Area
Features include:

  • Large soil stockpile
  • Loading/ discharge area
  • Uneven ground
  • Up and down gradients
  • Over edge tipping using ‘Stop Blocks’
  • Long haul roads
  • Telescopic handler training area

3. Excavation Area
Features include:

  • Well drained excavation area
  • No services or hazards
  • Large bunds for advanced work
  • Hard standing for machine preparation / shut down / post operation maintenance

4. Welfare Facilities

In addition to toilet and mess facilities we also have two classrooms adjacent to the training area.

Our dedicated training school site is an ideal location to gain the confidence and skills that you will need in order to pass your course.

To check availability or to book a venue

Email: trainingservices@apwebbplanthire.co.uk
or call the Training department on 01785 241 335

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